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About Build A Bear Takeover Week

For our 1st blogoversary, I introduced BAB takeover week! It is inspired by Rebekah's amazing idea that you can check out HERE

The first week of every month the Build a Bears can take over the blog. They post, design, reply to comments,so basically everything for one week. Most of the time it will start on the first of every month, but for the first edition, it starts on Monday, March 5th.

The schedule will change over time to allow more BABs chances to post. However for now, this is the schedule.

On Mondays, we have Marvelous Mondays with Eden. Eden will post about whatever she likes. If Eden wants to post a DIY, Eden will post a DIY. If Eden wants to post about one of her experiences, then she will. She can post anything she wants, so be prepared if it's completely random.

On Tuesdays, we have Treasuriffic Tuesdays. The best day of the takeover according to Treasure, it will be about her bragging. Treasure will brag about everything she does. She's awesome, so people will obviously love hearing her talk all about herself. But, being as special as she is, she gets her own day to post.

On Wednesdays, you get to hear from Wicket on Wicket Wednesday. You might hear about Star Wars one month, and then you might hear about how Wicket got to go to Disney World the next. Wicket does whatever he likes, so his topic is completely up to him.

On Thursdays, Twilight gets to share all about her in Thursday's Twilight. Twilight will share anything about her life. She's a bit full of herself like Treasure, but surprisingly those two are BFFs. Twilight will probably share all parts of her life, interesting or not.

Finally, we have Friendship Friday on Friday. Summer and Dreamy will host this and they are going to take you on an imagination adventure. They're going to tell you about their adventures through their imaginations. Between the two, they can come up with all kinds of adventures.

Then, on Saturdays, we have Saturdays with the Stones. The Stones will tell you about their lives, and I love their family. I've written many posts about them, but in case you don't know, Peri and Lil Choc have seven little kids, Chip, Sandy, Cherie, Cherry, Candy, Cloud, and Cali. They do fun things together, often getting into mischief. I have written countless stories about the Stones.

Lastly, on Sundays we have Baking with Berry. Berry loves to cook, so she will share some of her favorite recipes. She loves all things berries, but she especially loves blueberries. She will mostly bake sweet treats, however meals might pop up every once in a while.

That's BAB Takeover Week! I might change up the schedule every so often, but for now, this is how it will be.


  1. Hurray! I am so, so excited for BAB Takeover Week! I especially like the sound of "Saturday With The Stones." ;)

    1. I’m excited too! I’m glad you’re excited as well! I think Saturday’s with the Stones is my favorite.


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