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The Stones got to Disney World - January Edition Part Two

Hey friends! Welcome to the fifth day through the rest of our trip!

On Tuesday, we had a Fastpass for Flight of Passage. We rode it with a five minute wait time for us. Then, while waiting in the pre-show, a cast member handed up these Fastpasses.

They were able to be used for anything, however since we've ridden Flight of Passage four times, we decided to give them to two random people.

Then, we went back to Epcot for the Festival of the Arts.

The paintings were super cool.

We picked up our ceramics on the way back and they look pretty good.

We rested for a bit and then headed to Beaches and Cream for a Sundae. It was delicious.

Then we rode Mission Space, Soarin', and Living with the Land during Extra Magic Hours.
We rode Living with the Land at night. It was pretty cool at night.

I also got a screen printed shirt. I really like it.

We swam the next morning and then headed to Hollywood Studios. We took the ferry, though we could have walked if we'd wanted.

Cloud was so happy that he was finally at his favorite park.
I'm not that big a fan of Hollywood Studios but I can't wait for Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land to open!

We met Olaf and then headed straight for Muppet Vision. 

Cloud liked his 3d glasses.

Then, we went to Toy Story Mania.

Wicket stowed away in my mom's fanny pack.

I beat my mom :)

"Excuse me? I was the one that played the game!"

"See my score?"

I love The Last Jedi!

Time for Star Tours!

Wicket liked his village.

Wicket and Cloud posed in the queue.

Cloud put on his glasses.

HEHE, this video has Wicket in it!

Wicket is so excited to ride Star Tours!

Star Tours was a blast, so we decided to ride it twice.

I love this droid!

After Star Tours we went to Magic Kingdom.

We ate at Cosmic Rays.

Happily Ever After! I love the fireworks.

Look at all those people leaving. And we get to stay for Extra Magic Hours!

We rode Barnstormer, Dumbo, and Mad Tea Party.

Then we rode Buzz Lightyear twice.

On the second ride, my dad turned the vehicle around to face me and my mom. Then, my mom accidentally shot him in the eye. His pupil turned red. We laughed. On the way out, he ran into a pole. Yes, our family all laughed in Tomorrowland with us being almost the only people in the park.

The next day, we went to Ohana's for breakfast. The food was good, but I mainly liked Stitch.

I ate Stitch. ;)

PORGS! I really wanted a Porg stuffed animal but they sold out the day we arrived.:(

We went to Magic Kingdom and saw this robot.

Guys, I had this sandwich in August and it is amazing. If you are ever near Yacht Club, get the Chicken Pannini. It is amazing.

We then rested a bit and then my dad and I headed off to see the Star Wars fireworks. We walked and took the long, leisurely pace. 

This was at Boardwalk and it was really cool.

Cloud loved the Star Wars art.

This was really cool.

Yacht Club and Beach Club look so pretty at night.

Cloud couldn't wait for the fireworks.




OK, this is the last porg, for now.

Cloud really liked the Launch Bay, I wonder what will happen to it once Galaxy's Edge opens.

Cloud has discovered his Sith name. It is Darth Mohawk.

He loved all of the Star Wars Stuff!

Darth Vader is basically his role model. We need to find this bear a better role model.

These lamps were SO cool!

I actually almost bought this shirt, but I had already bought a ton of shirts.

Aww, cool table.

Cloud got his picture with the Star Wars posters!

He's obsessed. 

Jedi Stitch!

It's almost starting!

Disney Movie Magic is beginning! Not like the Star Wars Fireworks, but it's still good.

Cloud likes the Guardians of the Galaxy part the best.


Cloud is so excited.


We walked back and Yacht Club looked beautiful at night.

Cloud is sad to leave.

The last morning, Wicket apparently didn't want to leave? I'm not sure what he's up to.

Goodbye, Yacht Club. Til next time. 

Oh, and I got this awesome charm bracelet. I really like it.

That was our trip! I had a blast, and so did the Stones. I can't wait until next time!
What was your most memorable trip?


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