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A Dog and Me Part Three

Note: Since I want to keep this as similar to the original as possible, I'm only going to change spelling and slight grammar. I might add notes for understanding, since this was written by my five year old self. I have definitely improved since then trust me!

We ended part two with page six, so let's start with page 7.

Brownie played football. She is a dog. She has a sister. Her name is Sugar Cinnamon. I love her 1000%. This is based on a true story (Actually, this is an actual true story,) And did I tell you about the Macy's Day Parade? (LOL,) They have Care Bears. I have a Holly and a Hal too. I can not believe it is almost Christmas. I am going to my Grandma's for Christmas. I had fun there, because I got a Scruffy Puppy there. I lost two teeth too. And I got a Lil' Bunny Big Ears.

That was page seven, moving on to page 8.

Her name is Starburst. Don't you think that is a pretty name? If you do, then you agree with me and if you don't, you don't agree with me. (Wow, I have such funny five year old writings. Or, was I six here?) Brownie's birthday is on 8/22, and Cinnamon's is on 11/11. On 5/5 is Cinco de Mayo. (Why on earth did I include this? Ok, what I included next is even more strange,) My mom spit. (I mean, why did I write this stuff?)
I also have on called Velvety. She is so beautiful. I love her 1000000000000000000000%. My room is clean. I DID IT ALL BY MYSELF. I love my mom so much. I have a gorgeous dog. Her name is Patrioticy.

On page 9, I have a picture I drew of Patrioticy.
I'm pretty sure this was supposed to be a drawing of all my stuffed dogs, not just two. It's page 10.
That was pages 7-10! Stay tuned for more!

Do you like to look at old writings and drawings to see how you've changed?


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