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Memory - Why Not to Wash Clothes on Easter

Hello all! I'm about to tell you guys a story. This story happened on Easter. It involves a washing machine!

One Easter Sunday, my mom started a load of clothes. She walked out of the room, and closed the door. She walked upstairs, and found something that she wanted to throw in with the load of clothes.

When she opened the door, she stepped in a large, wet, puddle of water. Yes, our washing machine had flooded. If we had left the door shut, we might have been able to create a swimming pool in our laundry room. By the time my mom found the flood, it was up to her ankles. She calls for my dad, and eventually, we were all trying to figure out what to do.

Since our dryer was running, my mom frantically unplugs it. That was not a very smart move. Luckily nothing happened, but electricity and water do not mix, so NEVER attempt something like this.

My dad runs through the laundry room to our garage to get our wet and dry vacuum. He wasn't acting quickly, so he wanted to read all of the instructions before he used it. Turns out, we needed a special filter for it before we could use it for water. Since that didn't work, we needed to find something else out.

I just stood there, not sure what to do. I knew I needed to help somehow, but I had no idea how. My dad grabbed a towel that was lying on the laundry room floor and began ringing it out into a large white bowl. When he finished, he would dump the bowl out into the garage. I noted what he was doing, and did the same.

When the water was either dumped out or absorbed into the clothes/carpet(YIKES!), it was time to deal with the aftermath. We had no useful washer or dryer(our dryer was already faulty, it took at least three cycles to dry the clothes,), and we also had no clean clothes. My dad moved the car out of our garage, and hung a few ropes along the garage. This would be our clothesline. We hung all the clothes, and took a break from the nightmares of the flood.

A couple days later, it was time to buy a washing machine. We went to our local furniture store. This was really bad timing. We had planned to go to Disney World the following month, and we were also buying a car. This definitely was not good for our budget. We even debated whether to still go to Disney World, or just save the money. However, we got our washing machine, and I must say, it was nice to have clean clothes. Our current washing machine is pretty nice. We got our old, cheap washing machine to last over 5 years since it had last broken. This washing machine, was really nice so it should last much longer.

Now, I imagine what would happen if The Great Washing Machine Flood had happened after we had gotten our dogs. Their bedroom is (supposed to be, at least,) our laundry room, and my dog, Poco, sleeps behind our washing machine. What would they do? Would they run out, shaking water throughout the house? Or would they try to figure out what was going on by sniffing and drinking the water. Maybe, they would even doggy-paddle in the water!

Have you ever had something like this happen on a holiday?


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