Cali's Bits of Wisdom Episode 1

Hey guys! It's me, Cali. Diamond said that it would be cool to share my opinions about things. I think I am pretty smart, so I happily agreed. I will share my topics on different topics, that's why it's called Cali's Bits of Wisdom. BTW, Diamond told me to mention that since I'm young, I don't always get accurate information, but I don't know why she said that.

I will take suggestions on topics to share my opinions on, but for now Diamond just gave me a topic. I don't know how often I'll post this segment, but it will probably depend on how often I get a topic.

Today's topic is shoplifting.
I think that my mommy and daddy might like to do this! My mom really likes to shop, so my daddy could lift weights while she shops! Am I right? Wouldn't that be pretty cool if they had a store where you could lift weights while you shop?