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Out With the Old, In With the New - Changes for the Upcoming Year

Hello all! I realized that it's been a while since I've posted on my blogs. So I have a few updates I'd like to share for this blog and my other blog, World of AG Dolls. I normally don't like to read long apology/update posts,  so I'm going to add a few pictures in here.

LOL, my dog is hilarious.  I was cleaning out some old stuffed animals, and Chap decided to make them his bed.
So, it's been way to long since I've posted anything. When I think about this, I really don't have a fair excuse. The only thing I have is the fact that my mom has to approve my posts before I post them. (She's just overprotective, I get it, it just seems unnecessary to me) She hasn't been very good at that recently, so I tell myself, "If she's not going to approve my posts, why do I bother making them?" This just makes it worse. If I don't even write a post, I can't blame my mom for not approving them.

I've been thinking a lot recently. My interests have changed since I started these blogs. My American Girl blog was started because I loved American Girl. However, that's a phase I go in and out of. I don't think I've grown out of my blog completely, but I can't be certain. In 2014, I started AG Dolls and Fun. In 2015, I unofficially left, officially leaving in 2016. Also in 2016, I began World of AG Dolls. I loved to blog, and make stories, but now? I don't really have the drive to create new posts.

Ugh, Chap is so cute!

When I think of my AG blog, I feel guilty. It's been so long since I've posted, and it just gets so overwhelming. The worst part is, whenever I think of making a post, it just seems like a chore. I have to dress the dolls, write a story, set up a detailed scene, and take good-quality pictures with good lighting. It's hard work, but when you feel inspired, it's fun. Blogging should never feel like a chore. It isn't a chore, it's fun! That's why I've come to a decision.

Two blogs is way too much to handle, especially when I haven't even been doing a good job on either one. So, I'm taking a long break from World of AG Dolls. I may never come back, or I may be back before the end of the year. Who knows. But what I would like to do?

Disney World is SO pretty at Christmastime
I want to focus on this blog. I might not post frequently, but I would like to try to post monthly. Build a Bears are easier to post about than American Girl dolls. Build a Bear has been a part of my live for almost ten years now. Build a Bears are easier to photograph and take places. I've taken countless stuffed animals on vacation with me. Also, I have been feeling strongly inspired by Build a Bears for a really long time. I'd like to eventually have a post featuring this but...

Ugh, I need to crop this. The size is odd because I took it on my iPhone.
Based on my Build a Bears, I've written a ton of short stories. They're all based on the Stones, but sometimes the other bears make appearances. Just how many stories? Well, I don't remember for sure, but over 70. So this blog will be a Build a  Bear blog, but I will mainly share things about my writing. Snippets, tips, thoughts, anything to do with my writings. I will also share some photography and recent events in my life, not just about Build a Bears. However, I will still post things about Build a Bears. Memories of experiences I had with Build a Bears, and even current things that my Build a Bears do. 

"They've got Star Wars at Bi-Lo?! Star Wars at Bi-Lo? And I thought I was lucky to go to Disney World." - Cloud Stone
My bears have been lucky enough to go to Disney World multiple times. I would like to document their trips. Also, Cloud would like to know if anyone has seen The Last Jedi? He really wanted to go with me, but I left him home when we went to see it. (IT WAS SO GOOD) Cloud can't wait 'til it comes out on DVD. C'mon Cloud, quit complaining, you've been to Disney World, and you got to ride Star Tours. That's every little Star Wars loving little bear's dream.

No, I'm not joking. He actually rode Star Tours with me last October. He also got to "ride" the newly popular ride Flight of Passage.
Another few things the bears would like to help me post include: How to Fix Your Bear's Eye(Yes, I Own a Recalled Bear), Cali's Bits of Wisdom - A new series that features a short post with little Cali explaining her often inaccurate thoughts on different topics., and maybe even a takeover week.

For Halloween, I'd like to post about the Build a Bears's Halloween costumes. Something I started back in 2013, dressing up 50+ bears is no small feat. However, it is horribly fun! I'd also like to share stuff about the Stone's life. I love crafting their personalities, so you can expect stories, snippets of their life, and maybe even wardrobe posts.

So yeah, I'd like to work on this blog a bit more this year. And as far as my other blog, it's on hold for now. I hope I can get more posts up on here soon.

How do you feel about my announcements?  Have you ever went to an Amusement Park? Have you seen The Last Jedi?


  1. OMGoodness your dog is SO CUTE!

    1. Thanks! He says thank you, at least, I’m sure he would if he could talk!😂

  2. Oh yea, I watched The Last Jedi! Did you like it? Spoiler question: Did you like that Luke died? I mean, he didn't even get killed in battle. o-o XD

    1. Yeah I LOVED it! What about you? I didn’t particularly like or not like the fact that he died, I just like the way the movie turned out. True.
      Thanks for commenting!

    2. I did like it. It wasn't my favorite episode ever, but it was good.

    3. That’s good! It was my favorite, but my dad actually prefers Rogue One.
      ❤️Diamond @


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