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The BAB Club

Hello Friends! So, a while back I started a club for me and my Build-a-Bears. The club was really fun. We had a monthly newsletter, a list of special activities, and exclusive parties on birthdays and holidays. We also had monthly meetings, and member of the month, a special spotlight where I randomly chose a member for that month. I had a lot of fun. I was thinking recently, "I miss the Build-a-Bear club." Well, now is the perfect time to restart the club. But, what if we could make it an interactive thing? I could create a password protected page that only club members (followers) have access to. It could have a few elements that the old BAB club had, such as member spotlights, monthly newsletters, and special club activities. I think it would be totally fun, but here's the catch. I would have to have a follower before starting the club. You can't have a club with no members right?
So, what do you think? Let me know in the comments or type in your email in the sid…

The Stone Family Girls ~ A Photo Shoot

Hello friends! Today I have a Photo Shoot for you all! I recently sewed matching dresses for the Stone girls, so I was insprired to take pictures of them! I will be sharing facts about them too!

Here is all of the girls. Periwinkle, or Peri, is a good mom.

Aww, Cali, the baby of the family. Peri finally had a child that looks exactly like her.

Did you know that all of the Stone kids have the same initials? See there's Peri and Lil Choc Stone (the parents), then Chip Scout Stone (See he's a Chip off the old block, except in our case, a Chip off the old Choc. Get it?), Cierra Sandy Stone (She goes by Sandy), Cherie Squinkles Stone, Cherry Sprinkles Stone, Candy Sunshine Stone, Cloud Star Stone, and finally, Cali Swirl Stone.

And pose!

I write lots of stories about the Stones; I'd like to share some on here eventually.

Cherry loves her mommy.

One of the kids favorite things, is to cuddle together. They also give each other bear hugs often. (pun intended)

Cali, the sweetheart…

Dreamy's Guide to Taking Cat-Naps + Palace Pet Introduction

Hello Friends! I'm Dreamy and I will be giving you tips on how to take good cat-naps. I love a good cat-nap, don't you? *YAWNS* But first, I will introduce you to the other Palace Pets.

This is Pumpkin, Cinderella's dog. 

This is Treasure, Ariel's cat.

MWAHHHAHHHH! You guys haven't really seen much of me yet, but trust me you will!

This is Summer, she's Rapunzel's cat.

Next, we have Belle's dog, Teacup!

Last but not least, Berry, Snow White's bunny.
We are all very close and the best of friends.

OK, so now that I've introduced everyone, time to give you guys a guide to taking cat-naps!

First, you'll need to find the ideal location. You can nap virtually anywhere, but to have a decent cat-nap, then you need a bed.

Ah, that's perfect!

Snuggle up in your bed and...zzzzzzzzz.

"Berry! Do you have to bake blueberry pie in my awesomeness space?" "What the heck is awesomeness space?"  "MY WHOLE HOUSE-"


The Dolly PhotoFunia Challenge #DollyPhotoFunia

Before I officially start this post, I'd like to apologize for not posting very much on here. I have been busy, and just simply not very focused on blogging on this blog, or my other one. Sorry!

Hey guys! So started this challenge! I totally encourage anyone to do it, it's a ton of fun! 
Here are the rules: HOW TO ENTER:Go to PhotoFunia and choose up to 20 effects, putting in pictures of your doll(s).Download these pictures and put them in a post, just like we did!Include the Dolly PhotoFunia logo and the hashtag #DollyPhotoFuniaWhen you’re done, publish the post and comment below giving us a link so we can check it out! We’ll update this post and put your blog name and the link to your post, in a list with other people’s challenge entries. Your deadline is August 25.(OOPS! I guess I didn't meet this deadline, but it was so fun anyway,) So, here are my entries!

Say cheese Peri and Candy!

Aww, Cherie and Candy are adorable!

Cloud's famou…