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Random Pictures Floating Around

I found some random pictures on my computer and I thought I would share now that I have a Build a Bear blog! I'm excited. Just so you know, these are bad quality and I intend to have better quality in the future.

Treasure with her cake.

Cherry standing.

The twins, Cherry and Cherie.

The quadruplets, Chip, Sandy, Cherie, and Cherry.

My dad gagged Treasure.

Santa Cherry.

Aww, The family. Peri, Lil Choc, and the kids.


Candy's birth!

Happy (late) St. Patrick's Day

Hello friends! Emma says "Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!" And, with her Irish accent, it sounded like really, really cute. We hope you all had a great one.
     Um, if you're wondering why this is late, I have a good excu-I mean explanation. So on Friday, I got up at like 5 in the morning so we could take someone to the airport. Their flight got delayed, so we had to drive back to the airport (30 minutes away) Then, we had to stay around that area for 2 more hours. Finally, we went back home around 9. Then, at 12:45, we went back to the airport to drop the person off for real. Also, Another wonderful thing about Friday, I didn't get much sleep*YAWN*.

 Anyway, this isn't a "personal blog" so I'll quit sharing for now.


Wicket wants to ..... (a TEASER entry blog)

Wicket wants to  . . . ????

Any guess what Wicket wants. This could be a trick question. I am curious how many of you actually read our blog. So, in this "could be a tricky question" I could give a hint that may prove helpful. What Wicket wants might be mentioned in one of the blog entries already posted.

Wicket is writing the following:

Wicket here. I am anxiously wanting to write.

OH I am the Man! Yep, Wicket's the Man!

 In a Galaxy closely  by .  .. .

Wicket hopes EVERYONE has a SUPERB day(s)! And feel free to Guess away!!!

Til next Time ;)

50 Build A Bears? (too many, way too many saws Amethyst=)

Hello again! I thought that in this post, I would introduce you to my Build a Bears. So, I have 47 BABs and 3 stuffed animals that I treat as BABs. In other words, I have 50 Build a Bears. I will introduce you to them.
     First, let's have a little story. Before I got my first BAB, I used to go to the BABW all the time. I never got a BAB though. One day I went with my mom, and she bought me Brownie. Brownie is a Brown Sugar Puppy. This was the first of many. Next, I got Cinnamon. Another Brown Sugar Puppy, but another version this time. Then came Hal and Holly. Snuggly, the Scruffy Puppy, Starburst, the Lil' Bunny Big Ears, Velvety, the Hypo-Allergenic dog. For a while, Velvety was my favorite. I took her everywhere. Then in late November, my mom had to have surgery. My dad and I got her a BAB, Lil Choc, a Lil Chocolate Cub. He went to the hospital with her. Next, I got Patrioticy, the Patriotic Pup. Let's see, who's next? Ah, Daisy the Blossom Bunny. Then, Gold…


Hello and welcome to Build a Bears Furever. My name is Diamond, yes, the same Diamond from AG Dolls and Fun and World of AG Dolls. I love blogging and one of the reasons I quit AG Dolls and Fun was because I was focused on Build a Bears. I have loved BABs for almost 10 years. Recently, I've started back blogging with World of AG Dolls. I realized my love for blogging. I looked for Build a Bear focused blogs, and I didn't really find any. So, I thought "Why not start one?" I've been toying with the idea for the past few weeks and finally decided to do it. Here we are! I probably won't post that much because a( I'm a busy girl. And b( World of AG Dolls is my main blog. I will post on there more often than here. My goal is to post at least once a month. That shouldn't be too hard, so I think I will make that.
     So what type of content will be featured on here? Some of my writings about my Build a Bears, Family trees, Videos, Crafts, Photoshoots, …