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All About the BABs no. 3 ~ Featuring Berry

We're back with another All About The BABs! This time we feature Berry!

"I'm a blueberry!"
Name: Berry
Type of Build a Bear: Palace Pet Berry

Birthday: September 30th

Age: Two

Hobbies: Cooking, Baking, Eating, Anything to do with food!

One like: Blueberry Pie
One dislike: People who make blueberry pie and don't offer you any *cough cough Twilight cough*
Personality: Blueberryish, Hungry, Baker, Problem solving

I would describe myself as: A blueberry baker

Favorite post on this blog: The first Baking with Berry

Recent posts

Stuffing Rey and Kylo ~ Getting my Build a Bears

Hey guys! So I decided to document when I got Rey and Kylo on April 14th. I will be sharing those pictures today! Let's get started.

I always like to look through a few to choose the perfect one.

I like the display they have.

OK, so now I've got the two perfect ones. 

I liked this Groot shirt. (Sorry the pictures upside down)

I considered buying some of these shirts. 

This one was probably my favorite.

I almost got a lightsaber.


Okay, now it's time to make birth certificates! I get so excited when I stuff my Build a Bears.

The stuffing station. I like the atmosphere of our Build a Bear.

Eeeee! There they are in the car!

The Search ~ Happy Birthday to Treasure

It was a very special day. It's May 26th, which is my Aunt Treasure's birthday. My brother Cloud and I wanted to get the perfect present for her. We gathered to decide what to get her. After what seemed like hours of deliberation, we couldn't agree on the perfect present for Treasure. All our ideas were too expensive, didn't exist, or Treasure wouldn't like. We eventually decided to search around the house for some ideas. We agreed to meet back in fifteen minutes.

*fifteen minutes later*
"OK, I gathered six items," I announced. "Me too," Cloud replied. We decided to share the items we got with each other.

Cloud went first and tossed a sparkly Mickey Mouse button into the container.

Then, I tossed in my first find, a giant, fluffy, white pom pom.

Cloud threw in a yellow luggage tag.

I then added a pink teacup.

A tassel was placed in the container by Cloud.

I put a white hair tie/bracelet in.

Cloud deposited a beaded Christmas ornament.

I positio…

Disney World in August

Back in August, we took a very quick trip to Disney World. We stayed for one full day, an two travel days. We stayed at Yacht Club, and even though I didn't get any pictures of the Build-a-Bears, I still wanted to share these pictures.
So yeah, I took these in August and am posting them in like, February. Good for you Diamond. Yacht Club is may favorite resort and I'm staying(stayed probably by the time this gets posted,) there in January.

A bad quality photo of the sign.

The room was so comfy!

They had a big T.V. for a hotel.

They had Hidden Mickeys(or other Disney characters,) on the curtain.

The view from the room. Isn't it beautiful?

I love all the Disney's theming.

Later that first night, we went swimming. I LOVE THEIR POOL IT IS AMAZING!

My dad and I got up early to go to Epcot.

It was so close to the resort!

Out of Order signs are cute at Disney World.